Because every business is different we have developed plans that can be tailored to your needs and can evolve with your business. A dedicated team of certified professionals will follow you along your journey with us.

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We are a team of reliable and qualified accountants and finance experts who share the objective to save time, money and headaches to entrepreneurs and small and medium size business leaders.

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Cloud Based Services

Our processes allow us to operate remotely while giving you the controls you require.

No need to send paper or go through archive boxes to find records, we use efficient and secure cloud based solutions to exchange and store your information online.

We work with the best online solutions to make things as simple, cost efficient and reliable as possible.

We can also advise you on how you could save time, money and effort by setting-up or transitioning to a range of online systems:

What our Customers say

Chow Paredes
Zipmatch | Co-founder and CRO

CloudCfo enables us to focus on what matters: running the business.  Their support empowers us to be able to carry on our vision while they cover the finance and accounting aspects.  One thing we love about CloudCfo is their proactiveness to consistently improve our back end finance processes, especially as a fast moving, ever changing tech company.

Magellan Fetalino
Acudeen | CEO

CloudCFO has been very instrumental in our company’s operations. As a business owner, we want to focus on driving growth for the business. By working hand in hand with CloudCFO in crafting our financial model, we were able to manage our cashflow efficiently and  identify activities that drive growth to the business.

More so, their service has a very Filipino touch when it comes to doing business. They go out of their way to serve their customers at the point of need.

Ian Paradies
Engkanto | Founder & President

Working with CloudCFO over the past year has been a wonderful experience for Napa Gapa Beverages. We were lucky enough to have them come on-board as the company was just starting, which made the transition flawless. And by utilizing their services, we have been able to avoid having to build our own internal accounting department and keep our team lean and focused purely on brewing operations. I would highly recommend them to any new start-up or SME.

Kate Paredes-Ricard
Evident | Chief of Operations

“CloudCFO has helped us streamline our finance processes, allowing us to spend less time on manual tasks and more time making strategic decisions. Their team of competent accounting professionals is always available to give valuable advice and recommendations, making numbers less of painful for communicators like us!”

Sebastien Gilbert
Maldavar | Co-founder

“Thanks to CloudCFO we are able to dedicate our time to what is important to us and to our clients, knowing that our accounting and our financial obligations are being managed professionally. We appreciate the simplicity of the communication and the efficient tracking of our financial activity. I continuously recommend CloudCfo to fellow entrepreneurs looking for a reliable service to manage their financial activities.”

Michiko Soriano
We Cube | Co-founder & Networker

“CloudCFO was quick to respond to our requirements at the time we needed them. We have found in them an efficient and most cost-effective way of keeping our finances in check while still being able to focus on our own business.”

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