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Loose-Leaf Books of Accounts – An Efficient System for Keeping Accounting Books in the Philippines

Loose-Leaf Books of Accounts can be a more efficient way of managing your company’s finances here in the Philippines!

In this article, we explain how and why!

BIR Form 1709 – New Developments For Related-Party Transactions And Transfer Pricing In The Philippines

The BIR has released new requirements, rules and procedures for submitting BIR Form 1709 – Related-Party Transactions and Transfer Pricing in PH! These rules clarify the categories of taxpayer required to file BIR Form 1709 and the materiality thresholds for supporting documents.

Check out our Explainer here!

Cloud Accounting Solutions v Cloud Accounting Services in the Philippines – Explained!

For startups and SMEs in the Philippines, we explain the differences between subscribing to a cloud accounting solution and outsourcing to a provider of online accounting and bookkeeping services.

Related-Party Transactions in the Philippines – New BIR Requirements!

The BIR recently released new compliance requirements for Related-Party Transactions. This has implications for accounting, bookkeeping, compliance and financial reporting in the Philippines.

This article explains all you need to know!

Online Accounting, Bookkeeping and Finance in the Philippines: What does “online” actually mean?

What does “online” accounting, bookkeeping and finance actually mean for businesses in the Philippines? How does it work? What does it involve?

In this article, we explain all!

Align your Chart of Accounts with your business model

What exactly is the Chart of Accounts? What is its purpose? Is it the same for every business? Why is it important to align the Chart of Accounts with your business model?

We explain all in this article!

2020 Audit Season in the Philippines – Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Audit season is well and truly upon us here in the Philippines!

We don’t want the next few weeks to be any harder than they have to be. So here’s a few items to consider when preparing for audit season in the Philippines!

Quickbooks Online or Xero? It depends on your business

We explain the benefits of using Quickbooks Online and Xero and what you should look for when considering a subscription for either solution.

8 ways in which technology is changing the accounting, bookkeeping and finance industry

By leveraging an ecosystem of innovative technologies and solutions, businesses are benefiting from much more efficient, transparent, cost effective and value-added accounting and finance services.

So how exactly is technology changing the accounting and finance industry?