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UPDATED AGAIN! September 2020: Online/Digital Businesses in the Philippines – BIR Registration

In this article, we examine 3 recent BIR Circulars and outline what they mean for registering businesses that conduct digital transactions in the Philippines.

4 key questions for owners to consider when selling their Startup or SME

We look at four key questions that business owners should ask themselves when considering a sale of their company

ANNOUNCEMENT: CloudCfo Completes Investment by SEAF

CloudCfo CEO Mickael Cardoso said “This investment from SEAF will have a significant impact for both CloudCfo and the startup and SME community here in the Philippines.”

Click here to read the Announcement!

AFS Filings: Updated SEC Procedures and Timelines under COVID-19

Corporations in the Philippines are now starting to file their Audited Financial Statements.

In this article, we outline the relevant procedures and timelines for filing with the SEC.

7 measures that startups and SMEs in the Philippines can take to support business continuity

We outline 7 practical measures that companies in the Philippines can take to help ensure continuity of business operations during COVID-19.

SEC Filing Deadlines in the Philippines – 2020

You know that the 2020 SEC compliance requirements are coming fast when the SEC publishes its annual memorandum on SEC filing deadlines!

This is what you need to know about filing your AFS and GIS with the SEC over the coming months.

Explainer: Certificate of Registration – BIR Form 2303

BIR Form 2303 or the Certificate of Registration, is one of the most important documents for businesses in the Philippines. In this article, we explain everything you need to know about it!

UPDATED: Service Charge Law in the Philippines – Implementing Rules and Regulations have been signed! Here’s what employers should know

If you run or manage a business in the Philippines that collects service charges, you need to understand your obligations and responsibilities. Here’s our FAQ on the new Service Charge Law!

Maternity Leave Benefits in the Philippines: What the new law means for employers!

The maternity leave benefit in the Philippines was recently extended by the 105-Day Expanded Maternity Leave Law. Great news for employees and real progress for the labor law system!

This article explains what the financial implications are for employers.