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Compliance for Lending Companies and Financing Companies in the Philippines

An overview of some key considerations and requirements for Lending and Financing Companies under the compliance and regulatory framework in the Philippines.

Venture Capital Financing: Considerations for Startups and SMEs

In this article we focus on Venture Capital financing – a type of private equity investing for startups and early-stage SMEs.

We outline some of the key considerations when exploring VC!

Cloud Accounting in a Crisis

We outline why cloud accounting is such an important tool, resource and system for companies, particularly startups and SMEs, during times of crisis or interruption to regular workplace operations.

Attention Accountants! Understand the Strategic Role of the CFO

We explain the key role and requirements of a CFO and explain why understanding this is so important for accountants and bookkeepers. 

Understanding your Bank Statement

In this article, we outline why the Bank Statement is so important for a company’s finances and accounts. We also outline how advancements in online banking facilities can make this critical activity much more accessible for business owners, managers and accountants!

Struggling with your Sales Margin? Ask your Accountant!

In this article, we explain how to compute and increase your company’s sales margins. We also explain why understanding your sales margins is so important.

Cash Flow – A constant challenge for SMEs in the Philippines

To survive, a business must generate enough cash to pay customers, employees, bills and expenses – in other words, to keep the lights on!

In this article, we look specifically at 3 key considerations for businesses when dealing with the challenges of managing cash flow – receivables, inventory and payables.

Attention Founders! This is what investors and shareholders want to know about your accounts and finances

We look at the most important finance and accounting related items that an investor or shareholder will want to understand when evaluating a business. 

The financial risks that a business needs to manage

A business faces many different risks on a daily basis. In this article, we focus on a really important category of risk – financial risk.