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Attention Founders! This is what investors and shareholders want to know about your accounts and finances

We look at the most important finance and accounting related items that an investor or shareholder will want to understand when evaluating a business. 

The financial risks that a business needs to manage

A business faces many different risks on a daily basis. In this article, we focus on a really important category of risk – financial risk.

Budgets and Forecasts – Why they are essential for business growth

Thinking about scaling your business? Don’t know where to start? Before anything else, you should consider the importance of budgets and forecasts. They are essential to achieving sustainable business growth.

Here’s why!

6 benefits of hiring an Outsourced Chief Financial Officer over an In-House CFO

Thinking of hiring a CFO for your business? Considering changing the structure of your existing finance function? Here are 6 important benefits of engaging an outsourced or virtual CFO.

Food for thought: Key financial controls to consider in the restaurant business

Running your own restaurant or bar business? Thinking about getting involved in the industry? Here are some key control mechanisms which can assist restaurant owners and managers with their financial decision-making activities.