Octopus&Whale: Navigating Financial Hurdles with CloudCfo
Financial Quest: Unleashing Creative Power with CloudCfo and Octopus&Whale

Financial Quest: Unleashing Creative Power with CloudCfo and Octopus&Whale

Posted on October 16, 2023

In the ever-evolving and fast-paced landscape of creative agencies, imagination, and innovation is the name of the game. In this arena, Octopus&Whale stands as a shining beacon of creativity. More than a creative agency, O&W is always ready to navigate unexplored possibilities. And much like the creatures they’re named after, they possess the remarkable ability to squeeze into tight spaces with finesse while simultaneously making waves that leave a lasting impression. 

In our conversation with Joy Garcia, Chief Operating Officer of O&W, it was evident that aside from their artistic prowess, the agency relentlessly pursues excellence and is always eager to push the boundaries. That’s why when faced with navigating the turbulent seas of finance and accounting, the company sought the assistance of a trusted partner in their financial quest. 

Read on as we learn more about this fascinating journey- a gaming odyssey that seamlessly intertwines creativity, innovation, and financial mastery. Join us as we explore how O&W, guided by their unquenchable thirst for the extraordinary, harnessed the power of CloudCfo’s tech-empowered accounting services to conquer the challenges of financial management and propel their creative agency to new heights.


Entering the enchanted realm

In Octopus&Whale, every day is a captivating journey through a gaming-inspired landscape.  Conceived during the pandemic’s early days in February 2020, Octopus&Whale faced the challenge of not only launching a creative agency but doing so in a world that was rapidly shifting toward remote work. 

However, being comprised largely of digital natives, adapting to remote work came easier than expected. In fact, their growth during this period was significant, as many of their clients sought to navigate the digital landscape. But despite this, O&W, like any agency, faces financial challenges with cash flow being the most prominent. 

“In the advertising industry, projects must often be completed before billing and cash conversion can occur. Due to the nature of the projects, some clients take longer to complete, leading to delays in billing and payment,” shares Garcia. This situation becomes particularly challenging when dealing with freelancers and bi-weekly payroll. They even encountered clients with payment terms as long as 180 days after billing, which significantly impacted their cash flow. 

But O&W didn’t press Quit. Instead, they set out on a financial quest, seeking a partner that could help them navigate these financial waters. 

Quest for financial mastery

In the vast sea of financial challenges that O&W faced, they found their guiding star in CloudCfo– a seasoned navigator in the world of financial strategy and accounting. For Garcia, the journey of finding the right financial partner was a quest born out of necessity. 

Her transition from being an employee in advertising to an entrepreneur brought a profound realization– finance, a realm she rarely explored in her advertising career, now played a pivotal role in her business’s success. To navigate these uncharted waters, she sought experts who could transform her agency’s financial management. 

CloudCfo, with its reputation for simplicity and efficiency, caught Garcia’s attention. 

“One of the things that made me decide to try CloudCfo was the simplicity of the process. That’s important for me because I really don’t have the time to stop and learn how things are going to be, especially on the finance side of the business,” she said.  For a busy entrepreneur like Garcia, simplicity was paramount. The urgency to address their financial challenges also loomed large. The rate offered by CloudCfo seemed reasonable, and the need to fix their books was pressing. 

A conversation with a key member of the CloudCfo team reinforced her belief that they were the right fit. The approach aligned with her vision: simplifying accounting and bookkeeping at Octopus&Whale. With optimized processes and an understanding of her needs, Joy made the bold choice to partner with CloudCfo for six months. The rest, as they say, is history. 

A Trusted Navigator 

CloudCfo serves as O&W’s trusted navigator, guiding them through the complex and unpredictable financial landscape of the industry. CloudCfo assists O&W in making sound financial decisions in an industry known for its rapid changes and challenges. Acting as a protective shield, CloudCfo helps O&W steer clear of potential financial pitfalls and anticipate challenges before they become major issues. 

In addition, CloudCfo helps them to make calculated decisions to balance risk and reward. The trusted cloud accounting firm assesses the financial risks associated with and determines the potential rewards, ensuring that decisions align with the company’s long-term financial goals. 

Navigating Challenges: A Financial Quest

In the dynamic world of Octopus&Whale, financial challenges were like puzzles waiting to be solved. One of these challenges was their year-end financial reporting, which included tricky aspects like untaxed portions of their salaries. Just like a trusty guide in an adventure, CloudCfo stepped in to provide essential advice, ensuring these financial puzzles wouldn’t haunt them in the future.

“CloudCfo has always been there to simplify things for us,” Garcia noted. “I remember every year-end when we needed to close our books, they were by our side, clarifying financial matters. They not only offered us valuable advice but also encouraged us to keep our financial records in order and regularly check on our financial aspects so that we wouldn’t face surprises at year-end.”

Accounting for Creatives: Bridging the Gap

In addition, as financial language felt foreign for many, Octopus&Whale’s partnership with CloudCfo became a bridge across the language barrier. Garcia acknowledged that their relationship with CloudCfo had not only simplified financial concepts but had also made them understandable to creative minds.

CloudCfo’s financial experts excelled at simplifying complex financial ideas, making them as clear as a well-written story. They ensured that financial concepts were easy to grasp, even for those more comfortable with brushes and screens than with spreadsheets.

The Collaboration Unveiled: Working with Auditors

Moreover, the collaboration extended beyond the creative realm to encounters with auditors—a journey into the world of numbers. In an industry where numbers could be intimidating, CloudCfo acted as both interpreter and guide, ensuring that financial statements were accurately reported.

In this partnership, CloudCfo emerged as the trusted ally, ensuring that financial aspects were as understandable as a straightforward task and that communication flowed seamlessly. According to Garcia, CloudCfo and O&W’s level of trust and collaboration goes beyond the conventional client-service provider relationship. 

“In a couple of instances, CloudCfo helped us in meeting our financial obligations. We were able to meet tight deadlines and avoid potential fines because of them,” she added. Truly, this level of trust is a testament to the depth of the two firms’ partnership. 

The CloudCfo Way 

CloudCfo’s Web application proved instrumental in managing tasks and key deliverables. This proprietary technology, integrated with the QuickBooks Online accounting system, facilitated the booking of transactions, ensuring accurate and timely financial reporting. Regular meetings between O&W and the CloudCfo team were pivotal in discussing operational results and recommending ideas for improvement. 

In the financial quest of Octopus&Whale, one of the fiercest adversaries they faced were the budget monsters, and the delicate art of maintaining a balanced financial sheet. These challenges often resembled a classic game like Pac-Man, where a linear and straightforward path led to success. In this context, success meant growth—each successful turn meant the agency’s expansion.

Garcia likened their relationship with CloudCfo to a gaming experience, with the agency currently at level 2 or 3. The hope was to elevate this relationship to a level where financial reporting would transform into a dynamic game. CloudCfo would provide regular visual insights, much like a health bar in a game, indicating areas where Octopus&Whale needed attention. If the cash flow was in the red, CloudCfo would help them strategize, suggesting actions like following up with clients to turn the situation around.

CloudCfo’s Role in the Game

In this financial game, CloudCfo combines technological tools and financial expertise to help Octopus&Whale conquer their financial challenges. Here’s a rundown of the services provided for Octopus&Whale:

Real-time Financial Data

Leveraging technology, CloudCfo provided Octopus&Whale with real-time access to their financial data. This enabled them to make informed decisions quickly and adjust their strategies on the fly.

Budgeting and Forecasting

With timely financial data at their fingertips, Octopus&Whale could create accurate budgets and forecasts, plan for future projects, and allocate resources effectively.

Expense Management

CloudCfo helped Octopus&Whale set up systems to track expenses efficiently, enabling them to monitor spending and identify areas for cost reduction or strategic investment.

Tax Compliance

Through accounting software and real-time updates of accounting records, CloudCfo ensured Octopus&Whale’s compliance with tax regulations and timely filing of tax returns.

Financial Analysis

CloudCfo’s financial experts analyzed data to provide insights into the agency’s financial health, identifying trends, opportunities, and potential financial risks.

Cash Flow Management

CloudCfo monitored incoming and outgoing funds, using treasury reporting to ensure Octopus&Whale had enough liquidity to cover expenses and invest in growth.

Financial Reporting

Customized financial reports were generated, offering Octopus&Whale leaders a clear overview of their financial performance, essential for board meetings, investor presentations, and strategic planning.

Technology Integration

CloudCfo facilitated the integration of online banking with accounting software, making transaction tracking more efficient and data sharing seamless.

Risk Management

Assessing financial risks and developing mitigation strategies was part of CloudCfo’s role, identifying potential financial challenges and devising contingency plans.

Advisory Services

Beyond traditional accounting, CloudCfo provided strategic financial advice, helping Octopus&Whale make decisions related to pricing, client contracts, investments, and growth strategies.

Multiplayer Triumph: Collaboration with CloudCfo

In the ever-changing landscape of finance, Octopus&Whale found a trusted ally in CloudCfo—a partnership akin to a seamless multiplayer game. Garcia shared her thoughts on this remarkable collaboration, saying, “CloudCfo really helped us. I’m actually very interested in finding out what CloudCfo’s tech-empowered capabilities are. As the person in charge of our finances, that would be very helpful in making things easier for me and our in-house staff. 

Here, the partnership between Octopus&Whale and CloudCfo was not just about numbers; it was a shared adventure—a multiplayer game where each team member had a unique role, contributing to the agency’s growth and success.

Unlocking New Levels of Success

Octopus&Whale’s journey, powered by CloudCfo’s support, was a tale of growth and achievement. With CloudCfo as their financial companion, they unlocked new levels of success that once seemed unattainable.

The agency’s remarkable achievements and breakthrough campaigns were a testament to their creative prowess. Yet, behind the scenes, it was CloudCfo’s expertise and technological tools that fortified its financial foundation, allowing Octopus&Whale to channel its creative energy into projects that pushed boundaries and exceeded expectations.

As Octopus&Whale continued to ascend, CloudCfo remained by their side, ensuring that their financial strategies aligned with their ambitious creative vision. Together, they celebrated each victory as a testament to the synergy between creative ingenuity and strategic financial management—a partnership that had transformed the game of business into a triumph of creativity and finance.

As we draw the curtains on this epic financial quest, the message is clear: Creative agencies have the potential to conquer uncharted territories when armed with the right financial guidance. CloudCfo stands as a beacon, offering support and expertise to navigate the challenges of finance with ease.

Are you ready to embark on your own financial quest and unleash the full potential of your creative agency? Join forces with CloudCfo’s tech-empowered accounting services and level up your financial management today!

Contact us now to schedule a consultation and discover how CloudCfo can transform your agency’s financial strategy, just like we did for Octopus&Whale. Together, we’ll conquer budget monsters, unlock new levels of success, and achieve scalable growth in your creative endeavors.

DISCLAIMER: This article is strictly for general information purposes only. Nothing in this article constitutes or intends to constitute financial, accounting, regulatory or legal advice and must not be used as a substitute for professional advice. It is still necessary to consult your relevant professional adviser regarding any specific matter referenced above.

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