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June 22, 2022

11 mins read

An Extensive Glossary of Payroll Terms for Philippine Businesses

Processing employees’ payroll entails familiarizing yourself with essential payroll terms and their purpose. Learn the As to Zs of payroll terms used in the Philippines in this article.

June 13, 2022

6 mins read

8 Key Questions to Ask When Hiring an Outsourced Accountant

Outsourcing accounting services is crucial in a business operation. Thus, you must know what to ask to find the right provider for you. Read more about it here.

June 8, 2022

6 mins read

14 Types of Financial Ratios New Entrepreneurs Should Know About

Understanding financial ratios can propel your business and predict its financial health. Here are some of its types that can help your business step up!

June 2, 2022

6 mins read

What is eCommerce Accounting in the PH and How Does It Work?

Studying eCommerce accounting is a must for online businesses to comply with their financial duties and grow their brand. Learn more about it in this article!

May 30, 2022

9 mins read

10 Accounting Trends that are Shaping the Future for SMEs

From outsourcing to cloud technology, get updated with the latest accounting trends as the global market starts to recover from the impact of the pandemic.

May 13, 2022

3 mins read

CloudCfo Launches Payroll System for the Philippines

We’ve announced the launch of the new CloudCfo Payroll System for the Philippines!

Check out the Launch Announcement Here! Book a Free Demo Today!

May 20, 2022

5 mins read

An End-To-End Payroll Solution: 5 Key Benefits for PH Businesses

Learn why an End-to-End Payroll Solution – comprising a Payroll Service and an integrated Payroll System – could be the perfect solution for your PH business!

May 6, 2022

7 mins read

Starting a Business in the PH: 5 Financial Risks to Consider

What are the different types of financial risks when starting a business in the Philippines, and how can you mitigate them? Read this article to find out!

April 22, 2022

4 mins read

Guest Article: BIR Provides Clarification and Guidance on Tax-Free Exchanges of Properties

We are delighted to share a Guest Article from our Partner Law Firm, ZGLaw.

In this article, the ZGLaw Team explores the recent BIR guidelines on tax-free exchanges of properties in the Philippines.