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September 6, 2022

5 mins read

5 Strategic Cost Management Tips for Small Businesses in the PH

Cost management plans are essential to keep your operations running smoothly. Check out these tips on how you can strategically manage your business spending!

August 31, 2022

8 mins read

Understanding Financial Statements: A Definitive Guide for SMEs

What are financial statements? Learn more about them, their importance, their types and specifics, and the best practices in preparing them in this article!

June 8, 2022

6 mins read

14 Types of Financial Ratios New Entrepreneurs Should Know About

Understanding financial ratios can propel your business and predict its financial health. Here are some of its types that can help your business step up!

May 6, 2022

7 mins read

Starting a Business in the PH: 5 Financial Risks to Consider

What are the different types of financial risks when starting a business in the Philippines, and how can you mitigate them? Read this article to find out!

November 11, 2021

2 mins read

The Audited Financial Statement in the Philippines – 2022 Audit Preparations!

The Filing of the Audited Financial Statement is just around the corner for many businesses in the Philippines!

From engaging an Auditor to submitting the AFS, here’s all you need to know!

May 31, 2021

4 mins read

Employees or Independent Contractors for your PH Business? The Financial Implications!

In this article, we outline some key financial matters to consider when deciding if your PH company should hire an employee or engage an independent contractor and what impact this might have on your company’s finances!

May 27, 2021

4 mins read

Running an Online Business in the Philippines: 5 Expert Finance and Compliance Tips

Here are 5 expert finance and compliance tips that founders, owners and managers should consider when running an online business in the local Philippine market!

March 25, 2021

5 mins read

Financing and Lending Companies in the Philippines – Avoid Unfair Debt Collection Practices!

We explore what the SEC means by “unfair debt collection practices” and what Financing and Lending Companies in the Philippines can do to ensure compliance and avoid violations and penalties!

March 19, 2021

4 mins read

New SEC Memo: Online Filing of Annual Financial Statements

Corporations in the Philippines are now mandated by the SEC to file annual financial reports through the SEC’s online filing system!

Here’s our Explainer on the new procedure and requirements for online filing!