New Features: Conversations and Reply to Email Notifications
2 New CloudCfo Web App Features You Will Love!

2 New CloudCfo Web App Features You Will Love!

Posted on July 8, 2022

We’ve been working harder than ever to ensure the ultimate engagement experience for our customers when using the CloudCfo Web App! 

We are now really excited to introduce two new Product Features that will bring your user experience to the next level!   

  • Conversations – Chat, engage and exchange documents with your CloudCfo Team via one centralized platform!
  • Reply to Email Notifications – Receive a notification from our Web App and respond directly via email. No need to log in every time! 

Check out these newest features below!

Also….watch this space….we have a lot more to tell you about in the coming months….



We know you will like this…

You can now speak, engage and chat directly with your CloudCfo Team via the CloudCfo Web App! 

Need to ask a question? Upload a document? Discuss a transaction? Schedule a call? 

With our Conversations feature, your communications with your Accounting Team can now be coursed through just one centralized platform. 

All conversations, chats and discussions are stored for future reference!

No more need for Viber, Whatsapp, SMS or any other of the 100+ messaging platforms in the market! Just one platform for all your accounting and finance-related discussions and conversations.

Your CloudCfo Dashboard will now have a direct link to the new Conversations feature. So, chatting with your Accountant has never been easier!

Here’s how the new Conversations feature offers the ultimate communication experience for CloudCfo Customers: 

  • A Centralized Platform for all Communications – No need for separate email or messaging platforms to speak with your Accountant. 
  • All Communications Tracked and Archived – Conversations between CloudCfo and our Customers are saved for future reference – very helpful around Audit Season! 
  • Attach, Download and Comment on Files – Conversations is not limited to just chatting! Upload and download files through the Conversations feature and discuss specific documents with your CloudCfo Team. 
  • Add Other Members to Your Conversation – Want to bring one of your Team into an ongoing discussion? No problem. 
  • Email Notifications for Conversations – Got a new message on one of your Conversations threads? Receive immediate notifications via email.

Reply to Email Notifications

It’s pretty clear – making things as simple as possible is one of the best ways to ensure the ultimate user experience for our Customers.

We know that our client founders, owners, managers and decision-makers are busy people! 

That’s why we’ve added a Reply to Email Notifications feature within the Web App. 

Web App users can now review updates, receive notifications and add comments without having to access or log in to the Web App – just reply directly through email!  

All email replies are then automatically posted and saved as a comment or message within the relevant Task, Milestone or Conversation for future reference.

Here’s how the Reply to Email Notifications feature adds even more value for CloudCfo Web App users:  

  • Review and Reply Directly to Email Notifications – It’s now more efficient than ever to complete your finance tasks.
  • In your Office or on the Go – Whether you are on desktop or mobile, you can respond to tasks via email with ease.
  • Upload Attachments with Ease – Add an attachment to your email response and have it automatically uploaded into your CloudCfo Account.
  • Easily Stay Up to Date on the Status of Ongoing Finance projects – Even if you’re not actively logged in to the Web App!
  • Fully Optimized for GSuite Users. Don’t worry though – the CloudCfo Team is working on integrations for all other standard market email servers. 

Demo our Newest Features?

If you want to receive additional training or workshops on either the new Conversations feature or the Reply to Notifications feature, feel free to reach out to your usual CloudCfo point of contact or to our Product Team at and let us schedule your Free Demo! 

About The CloudCfo Web App

Designed by Accountants and Bookkeepers, the CloudCfo Web App is our own internally developed proprietary system for process and service delivery management. 

The CloudCfo Team leverages the Web App to drive accountability, consistency and transparency across the finance department for all of our customers.

Specifically, our CloudCfo Teams utilise the Web App, together with our Customers, to track processes, monitor tasks and deliverables and provide a centralised system for document management. 

The CloudCfo Web App enables 100% transparency and accountability across our outsourced accounting and finance services. 

This is Accounting 2.0.

CloudCfo – Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in Manila and the Philippines

CloudCfo offers online accounting services specifically for startups and SMEs in Manila and across the Philippines. 

Our goal is to increase efficiency, automation and transparency across the finance function of our clients. The result? Our clients receive accurate financial data on a regular basis which they can rely on to make critical commercial decisions about their business!

If you want to move your company’s finance function online, contact our Team of Expert Accountants and Bookkeepers directly via or visit to learn more about how CloudCfo’s accounting services can help your business grow!

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If you want to know more about our tailored services and processes, drop us a line to discuss how we can help you to grow your business. We will respond to you within 24 hours.

Get In Touch

If you want to know more about our tailored services and processes, drop us a line to discuss how we can help you to grow your business. We will respond to you within 24 hours.