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Attention Founders! This is what investors and shareholders want to know about your accounts and finances

We look at the most important finance and accounting related items that an investor or shareholder will want to understand when evaluating a business. 

The financial risks that a business needs to manage

A business faces many different risks on a daily basis. In this article, we focus on a really important category of risk – financial risk.

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Bank Reconciliations – A Step by Step Guide

The Bank Reconciliation process is one of the most important financial controls a company can put in place!

So here is a step-by-step guide to performing a bank reconciliation.

Preservation of accounting books and records – Compliance for companies in the Philippines

How long should a company retain its accounting books and records? Where should the records be kept? Should they be in hard copy or can they be stored online?

Read on to find out!

Budgets and Forecasts – Why they are essential for business growth

Thinking about scaling your business? Don’t know where to start? Before anything else, you should consider the importance of budgets and forecasts. They are essential to achieving sustainable business growth.

Here’s why!

Balance your books! 6 expert accounting tips for businesses in the Philippines

In this article, we outline the various steps that businesses in the Philippines can take to ensure that their accounting books always balance.

How to avoid 9 of the most common bookkeeping mistakes made by businesses in the Philippines

Here are 9 common mistakes that businesses encounter when dealing with their accounting, bookkeeping and finance functions. We also identify what companies can do to make sure that these mistakes don’t happen!

Sales Invoices in the Philippines – Does your business comply?

What is a sales invoice? What is required for a fully compliant invoice in the Philippines? What are the best practices for businesses when issuing invoices? What are the penalties for non-compliance?

Read on to find out!

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