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The Service Charge Law has now been signed – Here’s what you need to know

Republic Act No. 11360 or the Service Charge Law was signed by President Duterte.
Here’s an FAQ that explains the main provisions of the Act and identifies the key implications this new law will have for employers in the hospitality industry across the Philippines.

Accrual Accounting v Cash Accounting – What’s the difference and why does it matter?

You may have heard about the two most common systems of accounting for companies – accrual accounting and cash accounting. But do you know how each system works? What the differences are? The advantages and disadvantages of each one? Read on to find out!

Inventory Matters! Bookkeeping for Retail in the Philippines

Operating a retail business in the Philippines? Your inventories are one of your most valuable assets. It is crucial to ensure that your bookkeeping practices align with your inventory processes. In this article, we explain why!

7 key accounting and bookkeeping concepts every business owner and manager should know

Accounting and bookkeeping terms can be difficult to understand without a background in accounting or finance! So thats why we have identified 7 key accounting concepts and explained why they matter for your business!

Tax Calendar

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Attention! Employers in the Philippines – These are the mandatory payroll deductions and contributions that you must know

Payroll deductions and contributions must be processed regularly by employers in the Philippines. Do you know which ones are mandatory and how they should be calculated? Read on to find out!

Cloud accounting can save your business time and money – here’s how

This article examines how businesses in the Philippines can generate real cost and time savings across an organisation by transitioning to cloud accounting.

4 reasons to implement bookkeeping processes in your business and what might happen if you don’t…

Identify any accounting or bookkeeping related issues in your business and resolve them as soon as possible. This article identifies the need for bookkeeping processes in your company and the importance of getting them right.

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