CloudCfo Launches Payroll System for the Philippines
CloudCfo Launches Payroll System for the Philippines

CloudCfo Launches Payroll System for the Philippines

Posted on May 13, 2022
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CloudCfo now offers a fully-integrated payroll service and system, enabling Philippine businesses to manage all of their payroll requirements with one payroll provider and via one centralized payroll platform.

Manila, The Philippines – 13th May, 2022 – CloudCfo (, the leading cloud accounting and finance services provider in the Philippines, has today announced the launch of its new payroll system for Philippine businesses. The CloudCfo Payroll System is a cloud-based HRIS, employee management and timekeeping platform developed specifically for the Philippine market and domestic compliance framework.

A Tech Empowered Payroll Solution for the Philippines

The CloudCfo Payroll System will be offered as an add-on enhancement and integration to CloudCfo’s existing Payroll Service. The Payroll System has been developed by expert payroll specialists and HRIS technicians and enables businesses to manage payroll via one centralized platform while ensuring alignment with all payroll-related laws, tax codes and mandatory requirements under the Philippine compliance framework. The payroll service and system integration enables employers to benefit from a cloud-based payroll system together with ongoing expert support and guidance from a specialist payroll processing team.

“This is another significant milestone along the CloudCfo Journey” said CloudCfo Founder and CEO, Mickael Cardoso Das Neves. “Since CloudCfo’s inception in 2016, we have always offered a payroll processing service for our clients here in the Philippines. With the launch of this new payroll system, CloudCfo now offers the ultimate customer experience when it comes to payroll – a fully integrated payroll service, supported by a cloud-based payroll system and a one-stop-shop for all company payroll requirements. There are many providers that offer either a payroll processing service or a payroll system – CloudCfo now offers the end-to-end payroll solution for the Philippine market.”  

Christian Ven Soria, Head of Payroll at CloudCfo, said: “The introduction of the CloudCfo Payroll System elevates the CloudCfo payroll offering to the next level. Now, in addition to having access to a team of experienced payroll specialists, employers will also have the ability to manage their employees and entire payroll function from anywhere via one centralized cloud-based payroll platform.”

The CloudCfo Payroll System is the latest in the line of CloudCfo product releases, each of which are designed to support and enhance CloudCfo’s core accounting, bookkeeping and finance services. CloudCfo already leverages its own internally developed process management platform, the CloudCfo Web App, to ensure streamlined communication with customers and drive accountability and transparency across a company’s finance department.

Ruby Gonzales, Head of Product at CloudCfo, said: “The Payroll System has been a key pillar of the CloudCfo product pipeline in recent years. With the launch of this Payroll System for the Philippine market, CloudCfo is further illustrating its ongoing commitment to the provision of professional outsourced accounting and finance services that are fully empowered by cloud technology.”

The CloudCfo Payroll System

The CloudCfo Payroll System compromises two core Payroll System modules: the CloudCfo HR Portal and CloudCfo Timekeeping. 

Both Payroll System modules will be offered as add-on integrations to CloudCfo’s existing Payroll Service. As such, customer who are availing of CloudCfo’s core Payroll Service, will also have the opportunity to subscribe to the CloudCfo HR Portal and/or TimeKeeping modules.

CloudCfo HR Portal

The CloudCfo HR Portal module will provide for a streamlined HR management platform for businesses in the Philippines. From set-up of 201 File for new employees, to online filing for leaves, overtime work and attendance, to monitoring of leave credits, the CloudCfo HR Portal enables HR and People Operations Teams to monitor and manage all of their employee records via one centralized platform. Through the self-service HR Portal, employees will be able to receive and view payslips, apply for leaves and review individual employment history. 

For more information, visit the CloudCfo HR Portal.

CloudCfo Timekeeping

The CloudCfo Timekeeping module enables the efficient planning and optimisation of manpower and resources through accurate tracking and monitoring of employee attendance. The Timekeeping system enables management to develop shift schedules aligned with business operations and track time and attendance from the output of a range of biometric devices. When combined with the HR Portal, the Timekeeping system will give individual employees full visibility across their present and future shift schedules. 

For more information, visit CloudCfo TimeKeeping.

Book a Free Payroll System Demo

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About CloudCfo 

CloudCfo is the leading provider of cloud accounting, finance and payroll services for businesses in the Philippines. 

Based in Mandaluyong City, Manila, the CloudCfo Team consists of 70+ professional accountants, bookkeepers, tax experts and payroll specialists who work with companies to develop tailored processes and controls to support, strengthen and optimize their finance and payroll functions.

Since its inception in 2016, CloudCfo has serviced 250+ clients across a range of industries and business sectors including technology, e-commerce, finance and lending, healthcare, restaurants, hotels, manufacturing, distribution, agency, retail and various categories of service businesses.

CloudCfo helps startups and SMEs in the Philippines to achieve sustainable growth by providing the highest levels of professionalism, transparency and innovation in outsourced cloud accounting and finance services. CloudCfo offers the full range of outsourced finance services, including accounting, bookkeeping, tax compliance, financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting, catch-up accounting, strategic financial advisory, Virtual CFO and payroll services. All of CloudCfo’s services are performed online. Empowered by cloud technology and with a key focus on process and output, CloudCfo helps to build, strengthen, support and optimize the finance functions of its customers.  

For a full list of services offered, visit CloudCfo Services.

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Telephone: 02 7746 1995

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