Podcast: Cloud Accounting with Mickael Cardoso of CloudCfo
Podcast: Cloud Accounting with Mickael Cardoso of CloudCfo

Podcast: Cloud Accounting with Mickael Cardoso of CloudCfo

Posted on March 31, 2022
3 mins read

We are delighted to be sharing the most recent Podcast featuring CloudCfo!

CloudCfo Founder and CEO, Mickael Cardoso, was recently interviewed on The Outsource Accelerator Podcast by Founder and CEO of Outsource Accelerator, Derek Gallimore.

Mickael and Derek were talking about all things cloud accounting, finance, tax compliance and outsourced services in the Philippines!

The Outsource Accelerator Podcast, hosted by Derek Gallimore, is one of the top business podcasts in the Philippines and explores business and outsourcing mastery as well as offering inside-knowledge from the outsourcing capital of the world – Manila, Philippines!

You can check out the full Podcast Episode “Cloud Accounting and CFO Services with Mickael Cardoso of CloudCfo” by clicking through to any of the links below:

Enjoy the Podcast and don’t forget to get in touch with the CloudCfo Team directly at hello@cloudcfo.ph if you wish to speak with our Team and discuss CloudCfo’s outsourced cloud accounting services here in the Philippines!

Why Might This Podcast Episode Interest You?

This Podcast Episode covers a wide range of topics related to B2B accounting, finance and outsourced services in the Philippines and will be particularly relevant for the following types of businesses and key decision-makers:

  1. Founders and owners of domestic businesses that are either establishing or running a company in the Philippines;
  2. International businesses looking to expand their presence in the region by establishing a group company here in the Philippines. An example would be a BPO type business, back-office or shared-services company to provide support for the foreign-based corporate group or parent; and
  3. International businesses looking to outsource their accounting and finance requirements to an outsourced accounting provider in the Philippines.

For further insights on some of the key discussion points and topics covered by Mickael and Derek during the interview, check out our Brief Summary further below!

Key Podcast Highlights and Accompanying Resources

For the duration of approximately 45 minutes, Mickael and Derek discuss a wide range of topics relating to various aspects of the accounting, finance and compliance framework and outsourced services industry in the Philippines.

Below are just some of the key topics referenced by Mickael and Derek during the conversation, together with links to some further resources and expert insights on each subject.

Key Topics of Interest

  • The history of CloudCfo and the journey so far – particularly from the perspective of growing a team and building a client portfolio in the Philippines.
  • The challenges and complexity of doing business within the regulatory framework in the Philippines, and in particular, the need to ensure constant vigilance when considering your company’s tax compliance obligations every month.
  • Understanding the Philippine Market and Business Eco-System and specifically, the implications for tax and compliance obligations depending on your specific business model.
  • Recent positive changes within the Philippine tax system to make the country more competitive from a corporate tax perspective.
  • The constant debate around Contractors or Employees in the Philippines and the pros and cons connected to each type of worker. Hint: There is no right answer. It depends on your business model and growth objectives!
  • The specifics of the impact that financial technology is having on the outsourced accounting services industry. From cloud accounting, to OCR, to expense management, to integrated bank feeds to report automation. There really is no doubt that the future of outsourced accounting services lies with technology!
  • Why an outsourced accounting service in the Philippines can provide much more value than merely hiring bookkeeping staff.
  • Why the decision to outsource accounting services in the Philippines should be about much more than just labor costs arbitrage!

CloudCfo – Cloud Accounting Services for Small Businesses, Startups and SMEs in the Philippines

CloudCfo are the Cloud Accountants for the Philippines!

CloudCfo offers cloud accounting services for Startups and SMEs in Manila and across the country.

Our expert team of Accountants, Bookkeepers and Finance experts provide end-to-end accounting and finance services for our 150+ clients.

How? By leveraging cloud accounting systems and other smart online systems to ensure an efficient and cost-effective service – run by experts, empowered by technology!

If you are interested in moving from a traditional manual finance system to a more optimized system leveraging cloud accounting, speak to our Team directly by Contacting Us.

DISCLAIMER: This article is strictly for general information purposes only. Nothing in this article constitutes or intends to constitute financial, accounting, regulatory or legal advice and must not be used as a substitute for professional advice. It is still necessary to consult your relevant professional adviser regarding any specific matter referenced above.

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If you want to know more about our tailored services and processes, drop us a line to discuss how we can help you to grow your business. We will respond to you within 24 hours.