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A simple and efficient payroll service for your business

Employees are an incredibly valuable asset for a business. As such, computations must be accurate and salaries must be paid on time – every time.

By outsourcing the processing of your company’s payroll to CloudCfo, your business can benefit from an expertly run process that takes care and control of all employee-related payments.

Process Driven

Onboarding, salary calculations, withholding taxes, BIR, Government contributions, statutory benefits (e.g. 13th month pay), implementation of HR processes, expense reimbursements and staff bonuses must all be considered when computing payroll for employees. There is a lot to get right and a lot that can go wrong.

Companies must also make sure that any changes or updates to the Labour Code of the Philippines are mirrored and integrated into their payroll computations.

With our payroll processes in place, we ensure that your outsourced payroll service is fully optimized across your business.

Our processes are fully transparent. Our clients can view the status of their payroll process from any place and at any time.


Employees are not the only stakeholders involved in the payroll process.

The correct amount of taxes, deductions and contributions must be processed and remitted to various Government bodies including the BIR, the Social Security System or SSS, PhilHealth and the Home Development Mutual Fund or Pag-IBIG.

Our teams, led by Certified Public Accountants, will ensure that all mandatory payroll payments and contributions are identified, recorded and processed.

With our processes in place and tailored to your business model, you can be confident that you will never miss an employee-related payment or filing deadline again!

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