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A modern, progressive and value-added offering of strategic accounting, bookkeeping and finance services – all in one!

A Virtual Chief Financial Officer enables a business to engage the expertise, skill and professionalism of a Chief Financial Officer without having to invest in recruitment, training or equivalent FTE compensation. It’s also a more cost-efficient use of resources.

A company does not have to directly employ a Chief Financial Officer yet can still benefit from receiving sound financial and strategic advice and key industry insights.

How does it work?

CloudCfo will perform all of the traditional functions of a Chief Financial Officer. However, we will operate remotely in providing these services. We will operate on a more efficient basis utilising the resources at our disposal within our outsourced accounting firm. We work with our clients to define our respective roles and tasks across the entire finance function.

The Virtual CFO service will be performed through the use of online accounting solutions, SAS tools and cloud technology. The service and process will be fully transparent and management can access the company accounts, financial data and financial reports at any time and from any place. We also enable the integration of other software solutions, online tools and platforms from across the business.

CloudCfo’s role involve’s implementing robust systems for the internal management of client finances.

We monitor and advise around inventory management and process optimization. We provide key insights and guidance around the areas of business structuring, strategic planning, fundraising, debt financing, tax management, KPI definition, dashboard reporting, financial modelling and other finance-related business activities and decisions.

If you are considering a merger, acquisition or divestment, we can advise on the optimal approach and help guide the company through the transaction.

If you wish to restructure your business internally or across a group of companies, we can advise on where to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

If refinancing is necessary for the future of your business, we will provide financial guidance on the viable alternatives.

A modern, progressive and value-added offering of strategic accounting, bookkeeping and finance services – all in one!

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