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Explained! DTI and DOLE Interim Guidelines on Workplace Prevention and Control of COVID-19

A summary of the DTI & DOLE Guidelines to help startups and SMEs in the private sector in the Philippines to develop health standards and policies for their workplaces during COVID-19.

COVID-19 – BIR Releases Updated List of Statutory Filing & Payment Deadlines – 6 May 2020

In this latest update, we outline the key points of information for businesses in the Philippines to consider under RR. No. 11-2020.

COVID-19: BIR extends filing deadlines in response to extended ECQ – 14 April 2020

To align with the recent extension of the ECQ, the BIR has further extended various deadline dates that were already extended under previous BIR issuances.

We outline the key points to consider!

Mandatory Grace Period for Lending and Finance Companies in the Philippines – 7 April 2020

The SEC has issued Regulations making it mandatory for finance and lending companies in the Philippines to defer the collection of Borrower payments falling due within the Enhanced Community Quarantine period.

We explain all in this article!

COVID-19: BIR Releases Consolidated List of Extensions & Clarifies eFPS Penalties – 3 April 2020

The BIR has released a consolidated list of deadline extensions and has clarified the position regarding eFPS penalties.

Here’s what you need to consider!

COVID-19: SEC Issues Guidelines for Online Filing of GIS, AFS, Registrations, Monitoring Clearances – 31 March 2020

The SEC has issued guidelines for online filing of GIS, AFS, Registrations, Monitoring Clearances and other requirements. These are the key items of information to consider.

COVID-19: BIR amends and clarifies filing deadlines; DOLE clarifies CAMP guidelines – 24 March 2020

The BIR has amended a previously issued Memorandum relating to extended dates for tax filings. DOLE has provided clarification on its guidelines for CAMP. We outline the key information under these new issuances.

COVID-19: BIR extends filing deadlines; SEC relaxes AFS requirements and issues GIS guidelines – 20 March 2020

The BIR has extended filing and payment deadlines in March and April. The SEC has relaxed AFS extension requirements. Here are the key items to consider!

COVID-19 – BIR Extends Filing Deadlines for AITR and VAT Refund Claims – 19 March 2020

The BIR has extended the filing and payment deadlines for the 2019 ITR and for VAT Refund claims. This article summarizes the key points of information arising under the new BIR Memorandum Circulars.