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What is Catch Up Accounting?

Certain companies and businesses in the Philippines may not have their accounting or BIR tax compliance records up to date. In such cases, companies may work with an outsourced catch up accounting services provider to get their books and compliance updated and back in good shape.

Catch up accounting is the process of reviewing the historic financial periods of a company, understanding the various transactions and financial activities that occurred during these periods, and performing catch up accounting and compliance work in relation to these periods to bring the finance management and compliance of a company fully back up to date.

The need for catch up accounting services might arise at any time for any type of business in the Philippines and it can be an extremely important activity for any start-up, SME, or a larger corporation.

Once the catch up accounting services have been performed and completed, a company can then understand the underlying reasons for the existence of poor accounting and finance management practices. They can now put in place more efficient processes and controls to ensure that cat and put in place more efficient processes and controls to ensure that catch up accounting services are not required again in the future.

Why Might A Business Require Catch Up Accounting?

There are plenty of reasons why a company might require catch up accounting services.

For one, a company might not have fully understood its accounting and compliance requirements because of the complexity of compliance in the Philippines. Another reason could be that a key member of the accounting and finance team might have departed without anyone taking over the company’s finance management during a particular period.

One more reason could be that an audit firm identified filing deficiencies that need to be rectified before the Audited Financial Statements can be completed and submitted to the SEC and BIR. Maybe the BIR itself saw financial management or compliance issues. There might have been a period of significant business growth causing the company to place its focus on the commercial side of the business and lose focus on the finance and compliance side. Maybe a company is heading towards a due diligence process with a potential investor and needs to get its books and finance in shape first. Or perhaps there were just sub-standard finance and compliance processes and controls in place during a particular period of the company’s history.

Whatever the reason, engaging an accounting provider to perform catch up accounting services for your business will not only ensure the company gets back on track from a finance management perspective, but it can also give peace of mind and comfort to company owners, investors, and shareholders that the business is now fully compliant.

How Does Catch Up Accounting Work?

At CloudCfo, we perform our catch up accounting services with a real emphasis on process and output.

When we start to work with any new company, we always conduct an initial review of the current status of the accounting books, accounting processes, and levels of compliance with the reporting requirement of the BIR. After the said review, we identify the steps the company should take to rectify any areas of concern relating to historic finance periods from a financial and compliance perspective, and then we define a specific period for which catch up accounting services might be required.

After all these, we start to collect and review historic receipts, invoices, tax documents, expense documentation, and other business transactions for the period in question. We review the company’s accounts payable and accounts receivables position— a key activity during the catch up accounting process. We also perform bank reconciliations or the process of matching business transactions with bank statements for the same historic periods.

Once complete, we record the financial information accurately and conduct any necessary further reconciliations to get the latest and most complete picture of your company’s finances. All information collected is recorded accurately within the company’s accounting books and presented in a way that shows a clear picture of the company’s financial position for the relevant financial periods.

The End Result and Next Steps

The ultimate objective of our catch up accounting services for companies in the Philippines is to ensure a company’s books, accounts, and tax compliance are fully updated and in line with SEC and BIR requirements. The company may also be obliged to file back taxes with the BIR or submit reports or other filings to the SEC or even the local government unit (LGU} so our team can ensure that you have clean and accurate balances with which our accountants and bookkeepers can work.

However, we don’t stop there. One of the main reasons why you need catch up accounting services is because of an issue with your company’s internal financial processes and controls. Perhaps your company’s accounting and finance processes are not aligned with the business model, or they may never have actually been any processes in place in the first place.

When this is encountered, the CloudCfo team will advise on best practices and processes for ensuring that your accounting and bookkeeping functions remain fully optimized and accurate moving forward. This may include advice and recommendations on the use of cloud accounting software solutions, outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services, payroll optimization, and robust controls so your business never falls behind in its accounting, bookkeeping, and tax compliance activities ever again.

A value-added catch up accounting service can help your business transition from non-compliance and sub-standard accounting to a fully updated and efficient one. This benefits a range of stakeholders including management, directors, shareholders, and potential investors.

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