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We understand how difficult it can be for businesses to get paid

Invoicing and collections are key functions in the success of any business. If the invoices don’t go out, the money can’t come in!

We are experts in implementing processes for invoicing and collections that are specific to the business models of our clients. We advise on best practice controls to monitor cashflow, identify outstanding payments, generate accurate financial statements and plan for future business growth.

We add real value to your accounts receivable function.

The Process

We help our clients put in place robust processes for their accounts receivable function. This includes continuous monitoring by us of services performed, products sold, invoices issued and payments received.

The first step? Develop and maintain professional business invoices that include all information necessary to the business and for compliance. We advise clients how to transition from the traditional format of paper invoicing to automation through online accounting solutions and cloud technology.

Optimization of your internal approval process for invoicing is another important key element of our outsourced accounting service.

Based on our knowledge and experience across many businesses and industries in the Philippines, we know what works best when it comes to internal invoicing protocols.

From end to end, the entire invoicing and billing process should work efficiently. We can help reduce invoice times and costs, track invoice deliveries, identify overdue payments, develop a system for invoice queries and reconcile invoicing across your books of accounts. We can also advise upon and implement software tools and solutions for the automated preparation and sending of invoices and statement of accounts.

Strategic Expertise

Through our financial advisory service, we utilise your accounts receivable function as a key metric for forecasting your company’s cash flow position. We provide you with accurate and value-added financial data for your treasury management activities and allow you to make strategic, financial and commercial decisions with full confidence in the data.

Get In Touch

If you want to know more about our tailored services and processes, drop us a line to discuss how we can help you to grow your business. We will respond to you within 24 hours.